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The Most Important Skill In Marketing Is Writing Persuasive Copy...

For decades, the #1 skill to sell products and services has been the ability to capture your readers attention and get them to take ACTION.

It's called copywriting.

If your copy does not speak directly to THEIR pains, desires, and outcomes, not only will you fail to help them, but you will lose the ability to sell to them forever.

Welcome to Professional Technology Copywriting! If you are in business to convert your traffic into paying customers, then you need professional copywriting that creates a sense of urgency.

We specialize in writing persuasive sales pages, email sequences, and blog posts that position you as an authority in your market and drive new leads into your sales pipeline.

When you work with Pro Tech Copy you get a customized strategy to dominate your market and outpace your competitors.

"But I'm Already Making Sales In My Business, Why Do I Need A Professional Copywriter?"...

Great question!

The truth is your copy can always be better.

Whether you have launched a digital product or service and are making sales, or you are just starting out with your marketing efforts, you need sales copy that taps into your prospects journey and paints a picture of their ideal life with your product.  Failure to have the right copy in your online marketing will leave money on the table.  Yikes!

Professional Copywriting is not just about words that sell... It's all about Building A Relationship With Your Prospects and Customers.

When your prospects know, like, and trust you, they will be more willing to take out their credit card and do business with you.  Unless you can "get into their heads" and speak to them on an emotional level, you'll have little chance of converting them.

"So How Can Pro Tech Copy Help Me?"...

We're glad you asked!

Pro Tech Copy has served the SaaS and Digital Marketing industry for 10+ years with a menagerie of marketing systems that, once implemented, can boost your sales conversions and lead generation process.

"I'm already doing email marketing, but I'm not making sales from my emails..." - We hear this a lot when we first work with our clients.  The cold fact is that email has a 40:1 Return On Investment (ROI).  Meaning, for every $1 you spend on email marketing (done right), you can expect a $40 return.

Email marketing (cold emails and warm-up "follow-up" sequences) are still the #1 way to get your customers to KLT (Know, Like, and Trust you).

Besides email marketing, we offer a Content Marketing service that builds authority in your market by creating high-ranking, fully SEO optimized blog posts.  These posts are then shared throughout your social media channels to position you as the "go-to" expert in your field.

"So What Exactly Do You Do?"...

Let's get down to business...

We are not a "do everything" marketing agency.

Instead, we focus on 3 key areas of high-profitability and only focus our efforts here.

We don't run ads, we don't make cold calls, and we don't do Facebook or Twitter social media management.

Those things are best left to other agencies, and we don't feel they return the results you are looking for.

Here are our 3 main areas of expertise:

We manage your cold outbound email campaigns using our unique personalization strategy.  We only use industry best practices, so you will never get in trouble for "spamming".  Once we've honed in on your conversion messaging, we scale up your outbound efforts to create an explosion of leads for your business.

Google search accounts for over 60% of web traffic globally.  This means you must create high-quality content to get ranked for specific keywords that your prospects are searching.  Once they come to your blog post, you must convert them into email subscribers by offering ethical bribes like checklists or cheat sheets, also calls Lead Magnets.

4 out of 5 B2B leads comes from LinkedIn.  We use our proprietary method to grow your LinkedIn marketing and turn your account into a sales engine.  We help you qualify leads and book more demos using the power of LinkedIn.  We save you time doing manually LinkedIn marketing so you can focus on closing sales.

Here's What Our Clients Say About Working With Pro Tech Copy...

High-ranking Blog Posts for Data Solutions Agency

"Kris was a pleasure to work with! He's proactive, responsive and reliable. He always goes above and beyond. We'd be happy to work with him again in the future!"

Melissa A.
- Chief Operations Officer at Data Sleek

Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation for SimplyCubed

"Kris has done an amazing job. He sets the standard and quality bar at a whole new level. If you're looking for a full service copywriter with marketing and advertising knowledge then look no further. Well done. I can't recommend Kris enough."

Charles G.
- Founder at SimplyCubed

Email and LinkedIn Marketing for creative bubble

"I love the consistency between all of the work Kris has carried out - this is our third project and we've already started the fourth to create an engaging sales page. It's been awesome and love the extra support, ideas and thoughts."

Bhavik H.
- Co-founder at creative bubble

Cold Email and LinkedIn Lead Generation for Clickedin

"Kris is fantastic to work with and a very talented writer! I'll definitely be using him again. He's officially our copywriter now :)"

Frank I.
- Founder at Clickedin

Sales Page and Email Marketing Copy for Techtrovert

"Kris did more than write copy for me.... He planned/improvised/strategized and helped me define and achieve launch goals for my business. His copy is creative, unique, inspiring --- and IT MOVES PEOPLE TO ACTION.  Kris truly cares about the words he puts down, and it's truly rare to find a writer and a freelancer of his caliber"

Eric K.
- Founder at Techtrovert

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Why Should You Schedule A Growth Strategy Session?

  • You've got nothing to lose other than 25 minutes of your time. 
    When you book a Growth Strategy Session with us, we will use our Copy Discovery Framework™ to quickly assess areas of your business that could be improved with better copywriting.
  • We love helping but despise selling.
    We hate hard sales pitches and awkward sales tactics, so you won't get any of that here.  We want to make sure that we are both a good fit for each other before deciding to work together.
  • You'll get some marketing insights that you may be overlooking, for free
    The worse case scenario is that we aren't a good fit or we don't see any areas we could improve for you.  If you walk away without doing business with us, at least you'll have some new ideas on things we've helped other clients with.
Kris Cantu

Sr. Copywriter, Pro Tech Copy

Our Mission At Pro Tech Copy...

We want to help you forge long-term relationships with your prospects and customers.

In order to grow your business, you need to communicate the problems that your products and solutions solve.  

You need to write engaging, high-quality content to persuade them that you are the one to guide them to a better life.  

Copywriting is about helping your prospects become a better versions of themselves by guiding them on their hero's journey.

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